Spring Things


What I like about Spring:

One day, there is a hit of green on the trees. Blink, and the entire tree has burst into a halo of green leaves.

Leave for work in the morning after admiring daffodils/tulip buds. Return home in the evening to a bed of beautiful flowers in full bloom.

Drive through the country to see fields of freshly tilled soil. The patch work quilt of farm land never ceases to amaze. From season to season the colors are ever evolving.

Weeds can grow in front of your very eyes, especially in the Spring. They are called weeds because they grow where you absolutely do not want them to grow.

By definition: a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth especially : one that tends to overgrow or choke out more desirable plants. (2) : a weedy growth of plants. b : an aquatic plant especially : seaweed.

Look up that word and you also come across the question “is it legal in ...” + “is it a plant or an herb - or is it a flower” + Jethro Tull first coined the term weed in 1931 in the book. (could not find “the book”)

Jethro Tull may refer to: Jethro Tull (agriculturist) (1674–1741), English agriculturist, often credited with inventing the seed drill - or - Jethro Tull (band), a British rock group named after the agriculturist.

It’s a circuitous route - and speaking of such, have you watched Six Degrees with Mike Rowe, the Dirty Jobs guy? The program began on Discovery+ and last Sunday aired on cable TV’s Discovery channel.

Sunday’s program was a look at how building a better mouse trap can cure a hangover. It’s an amusing look at history

And, I hear that new episodes of Dirty Jobs will be back on the Discovery channel again soon.

But back to Spring -- Last week I was enjoying a morning cup of coffee, looking out at the world. It was the beginning of a beautiful day. Then ... I see something on the window ledge - and it crept closer and closer. It was a squirrel. He was bold enough to sit straight up on his back legs and peer at me through the window. No, he didn’t have his front paws and his little nose pressed tightly against the glass - that would have sent me right over the edge.

Spring bird migration and Spring thunderstorms are also on my list of favorites. There is a bird migration map that you can follow online. It shows the migration pattern, which this time of year is basically from Texas right up through the middle of the country.

Thunderstorms give everything a bath, leaving a clean landscape in its wake. When we were kids, we used to sit at the window and try to draw the lightning that we saw flash across the sky. And we leaned to count between thunder and lightning to see how far away the strike occurred.

Everything about Spring is new. Enjoy!


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