The Health of Business and Industry


To the Editor:

In response to Dave Rouse's editorial of January 26th, I offer the following comments:

I'd like to thank Dave for the positive comments directed towards my recent words of encouragement published in the January 14th issue of THE DEMOCRAT.

Shortly after I assumed office last year, I toured most of the City and EMU departments with the intention of following those stops with visits to various industries and several of the smaller businesses in the community.

In my first outing, I got an awesome tour from some of the fine people at Aluma. Before I could schedule any more visits, COVID showed up. When things settle down, I plan to visit other businesses and industries.

I applaud Dave's concern for the health of our local business and industry. In these uncertain times, that is a valid concern. I share the same concern, as I'm sure other civic-minded citizens of Emmetsburg and Palo Alto County do.

Emmetsburg and the rest of Palo Alto County are fortunate to have several talented individuals working diligently to attract and keep business and industry in our area.

Gretchen Reichter is the Marketing and Retail Director for the City of Emmetsburg. Gretchen has done, and I'm confident will continue to do a wonderful job researching opportunities available to benefit our local community.

Maureen Elbert serves as the Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Developer. Maureen has a talent for finding resources and providing incentives for industries looking for a place to call home.

Deb Hite is the Director of the Emmetsburg Chamber of Commerce. Deb is a wonderful promoter of "Main Street Emmetsburg".

These talented women are proficient in their fields. I'm confident in their work and trust them to continue to do their jobs with their usual expertise. I believe our business and industry leaders know they can count on them when they have questions or concerns.

The City of Emmetsburg posts a monthly newsletter which is available for viewing on the city's website (, as well as their Facebook page. This well-written, informative newsletter has a lot of good information pertaining to happenings in and around Emmetsburg.

Kossuth/Palo Alto County Economic Development publishes a semi-annual newsletter with a wealth of information about economic development and other activities in Palo Alto and Kossuth Counties. You can find this newsletter and much more information on their Facebook page as well as their website at

In their effort to keep people informed, the Emmetsburg Chamber of Com- merce has a Facebook page detailing various activities, as well as an e-newsletter which is sent out to everyone on their contact list. On occasion, KEMB radio is used by the Chamber to get their message across.

I encourage any who are interested in the health of business and industry in Emmetsburg and the surrounding area to use these resources. If you have something you feel will contribute to our future successes, feel free to contact one of the people I mentioned who are working hard for all of us.


(signed) Patrick Degen

Mayor, City of Emmetsburg


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