The Unexpected Change of Season


Is it me or does fall seem to arrive earlier with each passing year? I suppose it's seeing the Halloween candy on store shelves that really shocked me into the season recently, but last I remember it was barely springtime.

It could be the extended shadow cast by COVID that continues wreaking havoc on my internal clock. Not having many standard summer activities really did a number on me, what with the cancellation of many of the typical signposts I use to judge the passage of time. It was only recently, after walking outside to my car, that the smell of fall hit me square on the jaw.

While the sense of smell can be powerful for many, the smell of fall has always been one of the most potent for me. I'm sure a deep dive into the depths of my psyche could unearth some reason this smell in particular is so strong, but I have neither the want nor the need to leap down that rabbit hole.

Not everything needs to be known.

Meanwhile, the days are getting shorter, the light is softening, and the angle of the sun is shifting ever so slightly (just enough to force me to reconsider many of my camera's light settings).

We are all incredibly fortunate to still hear the whistles under the Friday night lights this season, especially given the current state of things. I am currently writing this with one hand while the other knocks on wood in the hopes that we can continue our local sports through the entirety of the schedule - for the sake of our student athletes as well as our own craving for normalcy.

I'm looking forward to the shift in temperature and donning my tattered but ever-so-comfortable hoodie again.

I'm not looking forward to the frigid shift from daylight coolness to nighttime briskness.

The harvest, the shifting colors of nature, the crunch of leaves under our feet - it all came so incredibly quick this year. Again, maybe it's just me.

You would think that the kids returning to school for the first time since March would have given me the head's up that summer was over. The dwindling numbers around the beach and lake should have clued me in as well. I didn't even notice the yellow sheets of leaves beginning to accumulate in the yards around Emmetsburg.

It wasn't until I was smacked in the face by the crisp scent of changing air that I realized it's time to say goodbye to summer a lot sooner than planned.

With that said, I do love to enjoy a handful of delicious candy corn.


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