Vote To Keep Your Tax Dollars At Home


Dear Citizens of Palo Alto County,

As many of you know, a special vote will take place on March 2nd, 2021 regarding the Palo Alto County Public Safety Center. This vote will determine how various aspects of law enforcement will be handled in the future and how they may affect you, the public.

With that being said, one important reason for voting YES would be to ensure that a Deputy is available to respond to the needs of the citizens of our county. There is a very real possibility that if this vote does not pass that our current county jail will be closed down due to not being able to pass the state standards. If this happens, all inmates would be housed in another county. This will result in our offices doing numerous transports back and forth from our county to where the inmate is housed. If our deputies are busy transporting inmates for medical appointments, court hearings and other various appointments, the availability of a deputy being free to respond ASAP to your 911 call is drastically reduced. The transport of female inmates may also require the utilization of a female matron for assistance.

Another factor to consider is that if inmates are being housed in a different county your taxpayer dollars will be going to another county to pay for the inmates. The county holding our inmates will charge us a daily rate to house each and every inmate. In addition to that, we will also be billed for all of the expenses of an inmate including but not limited to medical expenses. Why should we use our taxes to support another county?

We know that the citizens of Palo Alto County want a safe place to reside, recreate and visit. Please see the need of law enforcement in your community, your county, and vote YES for the Palo Alto County Public Safety Center.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

(signed) Melanie Rouse,

Office Manager

(signed) Ben Morey, Deputy Sheriff

(signed) Matt Veon, Deputy Sheriff

(signed) Travis Lampe,

Deputy Sheriff

(signed) Kyle Hagen, Deputy Sheriff

(signed) Shayne Hoch,

Deputy Sheriff

Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office


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