Cast Member Points Out Facts of MSCT Play


To the Editor:

After last week's letter, I feel it is my duty to clarify misinformation surrounding The Vagina Monologues.

As a cast member, I was offended that someone I do not know would presume to know me. First, the show is not an opportunity for women to walk around on stage acting like "whores." That word is derogatory and has no place in civil discourse.

Second, YouTube is not representative of the show or of our community theatre. I am sure that I can type any of your interests into YouTube and there will be videos that you would be ashamed to have connected to your hobby, profession, or belief system. Yes, this show is both dramatic and comedic, but both types of monologues are a conglomeration of the female experience. They are not a parody or a farce. While I do not claim to know anything about being a man, I can imagine the male experience has its highs and lows as well.

Third, this show is in no way pornography. These monologues were created after interviews with hundreds of women; these are real stories. If you find the monologue of the refugees being raped or the monologue of the woman giving birth (or any of the monologues) in any way erotic or pornographic, then please do not attend.

We are not a cast of giggly girls. In fact, we're not girls at all; we're women. We are business owners, medical professionals, writers, intellectuals, feminists, equalists, mothers, Christians, wives, and survivors. We are women that identify with and take the issues presented seriously.

I am performing the monologue about giving birth while 39 weeks pregnant. I think I can all safely say everyone knows someone who has given birth and to liken me to a whore is likening all women who have given birth to whores. If that is your pattern of thinking, then I am truly sad for you.

To address one final misconception, abortion is not discussed in our show. The only monologue involving a baby is the raw reality of giving birth while the husband/father is in the room coaching his wife through the painful process of pushing a human into the world. Birth is beautiful and empowering and if you've ever brought a child into the world, you know just how incredible it feels to hold that baby for the first time.

This show was created because 1 in 3 girls/women will be sexually assaulted or abused in their lifetime. With 7 billion people on the planet, that means 1 BILLION women will experience abuse. We are performing this show for these women as we walk among you.

If you're interested in seeing an artful representation of The Vagina Monologues then please come. With that being said, I would also like to state that attendance is not required, so if you believe this show distasteful or if you just don't want to attend, you are under no obligation to do so.

(signed) Anna Veltri

Emmetsburg resident


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