Celebrate With The Emmetsburg Irish


It’s St. Pat’s Week in Emmetsburg. A few inches of snow from Sunday night/Monday morning was typical for March. We are looking for a day of clear skies and sunshine for the parade on Saturday.

This is the 61st annual St. Patrick’s Celebration. Such a rich tradition we share with the Irish and that’s no Blarney. However, we all know that the Emmetsburg St. Patrick’s Celebration was built on Blarney.

The St. Pat’s board started out manufacturing Blarney and ended up manufacturing Blarney Repellent. It was a lucrative business, putting labels on empty cans and labeling it Blarney. Cans were shipped worldwide.

From 1963 to 2020, Emmetsburg has been host to a visiting Irish Dignitary. Most often, the dignitary is a member of the Irish Parliament. There was also a year that Ireland’s Revel Productions came to town to perform and serve as dignitaries. We look forward to meeting another guest dignitary from Ireland next year.

Miss Shamrock has been crowned from 1962 through 2021. Little Miss Shamrock has been a part of the celebration since 1983. Irish Miss and Little Lassie joined the lineup of Shamrock royalty in 1994. Hats off to all of the young ladies who take to the stage and perform for a crowded auditorium.

Parade Grand Marshals have lead the parade from 1980 to 2021. There were 11 years that the St. Patrick’s Association also named an “Honorary Irish” to be part of the parade and festivities.

Entertainment has been a big part of the St. Patrick’s celebration. Would you believe Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner performed here in the early days of the celebration. This year, One Layne Band and New Trick Band will be performing at the Event Tent.

We invite everyone to join us as we celebrate this weekend. Please remember to wear a mask.


1958 Robert Emmet statue returned to Emmetsburg

1961 First St. Patrick’s Parade

1962 First Miss Shamrock Pageant

1962 First Blarney Stone appeared

1963 Blarney Plant #1 went into production

1964 Blarney Repellent manufactured

1965 Blarney Stone arrived from the people of Ireland

1966 First Irish Dollar minted

1966 New Blarney Stone mounted

1968 Emmetsburg St. Patrick’s Association was

incorporated March 8, 1968

1970 Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band marched in the parade

1971 & 1975 Silver Coins minted

1981 First year for O’Round the Loch Run

1990 First year for Emmetsburg Irish Dancers


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