Community Leaders Urge County Residents to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine


To the Editor:

Northwest Iowa is filled with vibrant communities and is a wonderful place to live and raise our children. One reason we all feel so fortunate to live in Palo Alto County, or any of the surrounding counties, is because of the fellowship that we share with our community members and neighbors. We have all grown to enjoy the county fairs, athletic activities, music and theater performances, religious traditions, and many other special events. Without exception, we have each experienced significant change within our lives since the beginning of the pandemic last March. The virus has robbed us of the opportunities for community and fellowship that we hold so dear. Many of our fellow citizens have fallen ill with this sickness, and some have even lost their lives.

As we have now reached a year fighting this virus, there is no doubt that few among us wish to remain in this "new normal". Despite restriction and change, as we look around our community, it is evident that the one thing the virus has been unable to take from us is our commitment to one another. We can now look to the future with hope as a vaccine for COVID-19 has become available and will continue to be offered to more of us in the coming months.

Currently there are three vaccines approved under FDA Emergency Use Authorization within the United States, along with other vaccines on the horizon which may also be approved under the same authorization. While these specific vaccines are newly released, the technology behind those currently approved have decades of research and support. All three currently approved COVID-19 vaccines have shown to elicit an antibody response against COVID-19 infection. The antibody response from the COVID vaccine is a stronger and longer lasting response than the body’s own antibody response to a natural infection that one may acquire in the community. Equally as important, these vaccines, and the well-researched technology behind them, have been shown to be safe.

Now is the time for our communities to make every effort to put the last year of hardship behind us and move forward together. The best chance to do this will come from vaccination. We ask that every community member who can receive the vaccine take it when available. We ask that each person do their own research from trusted, evidence-based sources, and if questions remain, approach your medical provider to discuss any concerns.

The following community leaders who signed below have received, or plan to receive, the COVID-19 vaccination when available to them. It is our intention to share our support of this national vaccine campaign and support our community.

(signed) Jamie Brantner PA-C and

(signed) Anthony Brantner DDS

(signed) Amanda Beurskens ARNP

(signed) Patrick Degen, Mayor

(signed) Thomas Getta MD

(signed) Tracey Henderson ARNP

(signed) Amber Houge PA-C

(signed) Brenna Jiron ARNP

(signed) Aaron Louscher DDS

(signed) Jason Patton MD

(signed) Lynn Schultes, Sheriff

(signed) Daunyale Sporaa DO

(signed) Jonathan Sticca MD

(signed) Markie Van't Hul ARNP


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