Monday Supervisors


In less than an hour, the Palo Alto County Supervisors conducted their meeting on Monday of this week. A change from the usual weekly meeting occurred because of the Primary Election on Tuesday.
County Engineer Walter Davis-Oeth asked the Board to approve two new summer hires. Approval was given to hire Kaden McCoy and Ryerson Boevers effective immediately. Walter stated that he now has four young people for summer work doing everything from mowing to helping with patching work on the roads.
The Budget Amendment Hearing FY22 was held. No objectors were present. Since work on B20 is ahead of schedule, the Engineering office needs to be able to pay for work done. The Board approved the amendment for the current County Department 20 capital project account to transfer $750,000. This is still part of the projected project budget of $1.2million for completion of B20. Walter explained to the Board that he had drainage concerns for a portion of the Tilford Prairie. One of the problems is a culvert that isn’t graded appropriately and subsequently is surrounded by mud and water. He is working with those within the new private drainage ditch for solutions.
The board engaged in a conversation to consider approval for Molly Maguires Class C Liquor License for Outdoor and Sunday Service. Last year, Ron Smith was required to install a septic system by September 1, 2021. That has not been completed. The new owner Jerry Jo Kay said it would be done soon. On a vote of 3-2 the liquor license was denied. The Supervisors said that once the septic system is installed and approved, the license can be applied for again. Some folks concerned about the proposed Vestas wind turbine project asked the Supervisors how they were planning to conduct the public hearings for changing the wind ordinance. They were told that when people sign in at the meeting on Wednesday, they can indicate if they would like to speak.Two minutes will be allotted those individuals. The hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8, 6:30p.m. at the VFW.


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