PACHS 2022 DAISY Award


Congratulations to the PACHS 2022 DAISY Award Recipient, Katie Soenen.
The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses was created to express gratitude to nurses for the extraordinary compassionate, super-human care they provide to patients and families. By honoring nurses that go above and beyond, DAISY reinforces the importance of compassion in healthcare.
Katie displayed extraordinary compassion and care to an OB mom. She went above and beyond for her patient and the patient’s family.
Another congrats to runner-up, Sarah Strohman.
From the Daisy Foundation: “We are always taken aback by the humility of nurses who receive The DAISY Award because of an extraordinary act of compassion or a relationship they have created with a patient that truly made a difference. So often, these DAISY Honorees respond to their recognition with, ‘But I didn't do anything special. I was just doing my job.’ We want to help nurses see in themselves what their patients, families, and colleagues see in them and to help them learn the behaviors that make such a powerful difference.”


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