Support for a Sustainable Future


Editor's Note: This is a response to 'EPA Damaging Economy, Environment' that appeared in The Reporter on Jan. 21.

To the Editor:

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Woodford that our decisions and actions need to focus on what it takes to safeguard the future of generations yet to come. Mr. Woodford's appeal to affirm civic morality by respecting our children's future is a noble objective.

We all share a common responsibility to provide a sustainable future and ensure the basic necessities for the health and welfare of our families, neighbors, farms and the environment. Disruptions from adverse weather and a changing climate are noticeably more ominous and further test our mettle.

Sustainable opportunities within our democracy are tempered by the hard lessons of previous experiences and are guided by the rule of law and regulations. Unfortunately, as with EPA's recent disregard for RFS regulations, narrow interests can eclipse the greater good.

Information and misinformation increasingly bombard us, and we struggle to discern that which is merely urgent from that which is critically vital for survival. Our ability to manage complexity and the growing pains of large social systems is becoming lost in the fog.

Biofuels offer a promising alternative to fossil fuels, especially in tandem with conservation farming (i.e., cover crops, minimum- or no-till, carbon sequestration, etc.). Wind and solar energy also hold great promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The question is whether we can muster an informed, wise and timely transition, with minimum disruption, to a sustainable future.

In spite of the perpetual drumbeat of "politics fatigue" and caucus lethargy, it is understandable that busy people become disgusted and repulsed. People are "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired."

It is imperative that we continue to communicate our concerns and solutions. Helping learners synthesize informed decisions is the essence of education.

(signed) Roger R. Patocka, P.E.

Citizens Climate Lobby Iowa Great Lakes Group Co-Leader

Estherville, IA


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