‘Take it Outside’ Outdoor Challenge


The Palo Alto County Conservation Board wants everyone to start off 2021 with the Take it Outside -180 Hours Outdoor Challenge! This challenge is taking place for the whole year and promotes all ages to spend 180 hours outdoors. This is only 30 minutes a day!

There are numerous health and developmental benefits for kids on being outdoors, such as learning risk assessment, strengthening the vestibular sense (learning where your body is in space, helping with coordination), and exposure to microorganisms in soil, which helps with development of their immune systems. Adults receive plenty of benefits from spending time outdoors as well. Stress and anxiety levels decrease and physical fitness can increase.

Outdoor activities can include an extremely wide range of things to do: Go for a walk, go kayaking, venture on the ice for fishing, spend time sledding, grab the binoculars and go birding. Watch for programming through the Palo Alto County Conservation Board that includes all of these outdoor activities in which to participate!

Call 712-837-4866 to get signed up and we will get a chart sent to you to keep track of your hours outdoors. This chart will need to be turned in by Dec. 31, 2021, and you will receive a prize for completing the challenge!


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