The Measure of a Man


To the Editor:

I first met Vitus Terveer on a personal basis when he invited me to the annual Legion Soup Supper in the fall of 1970, the same year I got out of the Air Force. It wasn't long before he signed me up as a member of the Ayrshire Legion. In the next few years he signed up many of the men and women getting out of service during the Vietnam era. As a result, the membership swelled to over a hundred.

We all came to admire Vit for his leadership, patriotism, and his self-deprecating humor. He never told us what we should do, he was right there with us as a leader. He instilled in us the importance of paying tribute to our departed comrades, presenting a meaningful Memorial Day service, and just being a part of the community we live in.

He never missed a Legion meeting and to say he was one of our best members would be an understatement.

He will be dearly missed by all of us and will forever be in our memories.

Vit wasn't a big man in height, but he was a giant of a man in spirit and dedication. I know these thoughts are echoed by all our members.

(signed) Allen Stangl, Commander

Ayrshire Legion Post 173


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